Post-2020 NBS: Analysis of the National Biodiversity Strategy (NBS)

part of the R&D-Project „NBS Post 2020 – Consultation process for revisiting and revising the NSB”

The Project aims at initiating a process for revisiting and revising the German National Biodiversity Strategy (NBS) in the light of new challenges.

To this end, the project team analyses the NBS with respect to structural and content-related characteristics. The results of this analyses will be combined with reflections on the significance of the NBS for selected political sectors and with an assessment of the institutional potentials and challenges for increasing policy coherence in order to develop recommendations on how to revise the NBS.

The project has three participatory components: a „Thinkers‘ Workshop“ for harvesting external input early during the consultation process, 10–15 expert interviews, and a stakeholder workshop with up to 60 people with experience and relations to nature conservation and environmental protection at the national and international scale. Representatives of politics, non-governmental organisations and lobby groups and research will be invited to discuss and enrich the study results. Eventually, the project team aims at identifying and prioritizing options for developing the NBS further. These results will be summarized in the final report of the project, together with suggestions for possible elements of a subsequent part of this R&D project.