Drawing connections: Comparative analysis of European biodiversity platforms and a study on the viability and projected efficacy of a regional biodiversity platform in Central Asia

The aim of the project was to explore the possibilities of establishing a biodiversity platform on the regional level in Central Asia by researching the experience of the successful efforts at establishing national and regional biodiversity platforms in other parts of the world, drawing on local expertise and experience, and providing a platform for discussion.

In a first phase a series of interviews was conducted to collect experiences with and visions for biodiversity platforms that help to strengthen science-policy interfaces, i.a. IPBES. In a second phase an online workshop with was performed in March 2021. About 40 participants from governments, science institutions and civil society organisations from all five Central Asian countries discussed the possible benefits, structure, funding opportunities and possible host organisations of a regional biodiversity platform. The project report summarizes the results. Further small-scale online meetings will be performed to foster the establishment of the platform.