Hubert Heindl

Hubert Heindl promotes within the ibn network the sectors 'development consultancy', 'training of communication', 'team development', 'organizational audit and development', 'project management' and 'evaluation'.
Since 1994, Hubert Heindl is appointed executive director of APTE - Agency for international Project consultancy, Training and Evaluation, based in Regensburg. After his international studies on education, psychology and sociology at universities in Germany, Great Britain and Rwanda, he operated on various tasks in the international development co-operation, as head of department in development organisations, as field officer and executive project manager in developing countries, as responsable manager of the APTE network.
During his multiple short- and longterm field works in both, european and many developing countries, Hubert Heindl focused very much on concepts and practice in 'participatory rural development', 'project and impact evaluation', 'training of trainers' and 'training of staff', 'objective orientated project planning and programme management', 'peace education', 'conflict management and conflict prevention'. Since 1996, Hubert Heindl designs and conducts regular teaching and training in University of Eichstätt, in industries and public institutions.