CLIENT II - Science-Policy Interface (SPI)

The funding measure CLIENT II of the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research is funding Research- and Development Projects in selected target regions in developing countries and countries with economies in transition (western and southern Africa, Central Asia (including China and Russia), Vietnam, Jordan und Morocco. These projects are meant to develop sustainable solutions for resource use and ecosystem management, including reduction of climate relevant emissions, increase of energy efficiency, increase of ecosystem resilience and decrease of vulnerability against climate change, e.g. in land and coastal management. Ways to maintaining ecosystem services or for restoration of degraded lands or contaminated soils are investigated.


The Institute for Biodiversity- Network is doing the flanking project Science-Policy Interface: "Synthesis of project results and linking with processes of global environmental policy and their economic environment". This project aims at bringing relevant results and innovations of the R&D-Projects to the attention of multilateral environmental agreements like CBD, UNFCCC, UNCCD and the Ramsar Convention. The respective projects are administered by the Project Management Agency DLR.