Prof Dr Michael Scherer-Lorenzen

In my current research I aim to mechanistically understand the biotic control of ecological processes and how global change drivers - such as climate change, land use change, nitrogen deposition, or invasive species - are interacting with this control at various temporal and spatial scales. Within this field I focus on the functional role of biodiversity for biogeochemical cycles.In addition to this process-orientated basic research, I consider applied aspects by quantifying the relationship between ecosystem functioning and the delivery of ecological goods and services.

Thus, my scientific work is driven by the overarching questions:

  • “How do environmental changes affect ecosystem functioning and the provision of ecosystem goods and services?”
  • “What is the relationship between plant diversity and ecosystem properties and processes?”
  • “What are the underlying mechanisms of this relationship?”“Which traits and ecophysiological processes are responsible for plant diversity effects on ecosystem functions?”

Between 2000 and 2001 I have been working as the executive director of ibn at the former office in Friedrichshafen.