Currently ongoing projects

Here we present all currently ongoing projects, listed in the order of their starting.

  • IPBES Advisory Assistance in EECCA (December 2021) more

  • Biodiversity platform in Central Asia (November 2020) more

  • Science-based, implementation focused and SMART targets for the post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework (February 2020) more

  • Conservation of terrestrial biodiversity (January 2020) more

  • NBS Post 2020 – Consultation process for revisiting and revising the NSB (January 2020) more
  • Scientific base for the EU biodiversity strategy post 2020 and the German EU Presidency (December 2019) more
  • ABS in Practice - Benefits to rise worldwide resources for biodiversity conservation (November 2019) more
  • CLIENT II - Science-Policy Interface (SPI) (April 2018) more
  • IPBES capacity building (July 2017) more
  • CBD research needs more
  • Puntos Verdes del Ecuador - The Green Areas of Ecuador. Protection of the remaining mountain rainforests in the western Andes in Ecuador more