Research for Human and Nature


The statute purpose of the Institute for Biodiversity founded in 1990 is the production, application and dissemination of scientific findings, which have as a goal retaining, re-establishing the sustainable and fair-distribution use of biological diversity. The Institute is overall active in the area of biodiversity research. To fulfil the association's purpose, the ibn among other things undertake research work and compiles concepts and appraisals from the application of international and national legislation. The Institute co-ordinates a network of experts, who are professionally active with the analysis, planning and implementation of biodiversity related tasks.

What does biodiversity mean?

The term "biodiversity" or biological diversity stands as comprehensive term for all living forms on all organisational levels from genes over species up to the ecosystems. Biodiversity also means evaluation of their relations with each other and considering the human influence. Modern biodiversity research should consider cross-linking research of nature and social sciences as well as basic applied research and also be merged into the programme of the UNCED process (Biodiversity Convention, Agenda 21). More detailed information on the term "biodiversity" can be found in our Biodiv Infothek.


Overview of the work areas and the structure of ibn

Already in the development phase of the Convention over Biological Diversity, the ibn was concerned with the "Convention on Biological Diversity" (CBD). The ibn participated in all conferences of the Contracting Parties and in all meetings of the Scientific Adviser of the CBD. During its regular participation in SBSTTA and COP meetings of the CBD serving on the German delegation, the ibn worked on the following issues: Indicators, Assessments, Agrobiodiversity, Ecosystem Approach and Forest Biological Diversity (SBSTTA VII/COP 6), Ecosystem Approach and Mountain Ecosystems (SBSTTA VIII). Since its founding, the ibn is a member of the working group of the German clearing-house mechanism and represents there the working group Biodiv of the Forum for Environment and Development.The ibn is characterised as a virtual Institute since its organisational structure and network are decentralised to provide the necessary expertise for a variety of subjects that are interdisciplinary in nature.Its staff of freelancers and research experts from the public and private sector is connected through information networks and co-operate through partnerships on projects. The ibn office together with the ibn executive committee functions as a co-ordination office to:

  • initiate feedback with the ibn expert networks for non-for-profit oriented projects
  • co-ordinate projects and their execution
  • function as communication platform for both their own and member's expert assessments and serves as an information clearing-house for topics on 'biodiversity' to all interested parties

When working on projects and on F&E undertakings, the ibn uses the standart of good scientific practice (german) and ensures a maximum of quality control and evaluation of results (as recognised by the German Research Council).


Promoting and Supporting the ibn

If you are interested in the work of the ibn, you can become a promotion member. Or you can support the ibn's activities with a unique donation.

The ibn is recognised as non-for-profit and allowances to the ibn are deductible in accordance to paragraph 10b of the German tax income law. Confirmations for donations are immediately dispatched. For other questions, please send us an E-Mail.