Environmental Communication in Schools and Villages of the Lower Morava Region (Slovakia)

The project was realized with funding of the DBU and was meant to foster cooperation between schools and communities in the lower Morava region in Slovakia. The understanding of environmental problems in the region should be enhanced in the local population and pupils. The local situation in schools was meant to be enhanced by small projects. Communities that took part were Moravský Svaty Jan - Sekule, Lab, Velke Levare, Zavod, Zahorska Ves, Vysoka pri Morave, Zohor, Stupava, Devinska Nova Ves und Devin.In the 40 years of the iron curtain access to the region was completely denied even to locals. This situation lead to a loss of personal contact between locals and their region. After opening of the iron curtain the pressure on the region rose significantly, including new industries, streets and tourism.The main goal of the project was to foster the interest of school children (10-15 years) and the local people in their local environment. During the project a handbook for teacher was developed that was distributed throughout the schools of Slovakia, not only in the project region. Next to the more theoretical part, which was used in classes, the school children mapped the environmental situation in their schools and villages and implemented small projects to improve the situation e.g. by planting trees, installing a school garden or introducing a garbage collection system in their school. An exhibition about these projects was developed and presented in different schools and villages.