Operation Lesser Whitefronted Goose

The Lesser White-fronted Goose (Anser erythropus) is one of the most endangered species in the world. Its population size is estimated at about 30000 birds worldwide at the most. Recently the size of the Fennoscandian sub-population was estimated at less than 200 individuals, which form 30 breeding pairs at the most. These figures are alarming, because this small population size cannot guarantee the survival of the species in Fennoscandia. This population decrease is mainly due to human activities: Despite the fact that the Lesser White-fronted Goose is strictly protected in most of its range, staging areas and wintering grounds are destroyed and a high number of Lesser Whitefronts are shot during migration. The Lesser Whitefronts really do need help. They only have a realistic chance to survive, if the necessary measures are implemented. One of the aims of Operation Lesser Whitefront (Aktion Zwerggans) is to protect the Lesser White-fronted Goose and prevent the species from extinction in Fennoscandia. It is planned to show the Lesser Whitefronts new, save migratory routes to protected wintering grounds. Microlight aircrafts will be used as ?foster parents?. They will lead the young geese on their first migration from the breeding area to their wintering grounds. The functioning of this spectacular method has been proofed in various other projects with different bird species. Further information can be obtained from Operation Lesser Whitefronted Goose.