Sebastian Tilch

Sebastian Tilch studied Biology at the universities of Würzburg and Berlin and specialized on plant-insect-interactions, chemical ecology and environmental management. He performed his research work at the National Center for Biological Pest Control in Tecomán/Mexico. At the same time he pushed his career as rock musician.

The solution was to combine both fables, for art and creativity and natural sciences and to study scientific journalism as additional subject. After the studies and two years as creative author for the PR-Agency BBDO he worked as freelance journalist for several tv-programmes and newspapers, mainly on science and environmental issues such as the daily science-programme 3sat nano, partly for the Norwegian pendent NRK Schrödingers Kat. Further he worked as online editor for an online-tv-channel and wrote concepts for interactive science communication. By that he got a prize for an interactive explanation of ecosystem services.

Since 2009 Sebastian Tilch works at the Helmholtz-Center for environmental research UFZ at Leipzig as press officer and online editor within the project “network forum on biodiversity research Germany”.