Elizabeth Karger

Elizabeth Karger (née Foord) is Australian and has lived in Germany since 2012. With an interdisciplinary educational background in applied sciences and law, she has an understanding of the complex relationships between people and the environment, the different aspects of nature conservation, the relevant actors and the relevant legal framework. In 2005, she obtained a Bachelor of Natural Resources (Honours) and a Bachelor of Laws (Honours) from the University of New England, Australia. Her articled clerkship was completed in Brisbane in town planning and environmental law and following her admission in 2007, she worked as a lawyer in this area of law. With the intention of working in nature conservation in Germany, Elizabeth Karger began the international Master of Science “Global Change Ecology" at the University of Bayreuth in 2015. In Bayreuth, she also completed an additional certificate in law with a concentration on German public, administrative and environmental law. Elizabeth Karger has worked in various countries around the world including Australia, China, Thailand and Germany. Most recently, she conducted a study together with the Institute for Biodiversity on the use of digital sequence information on genetic resources for the German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation.